What Do We Do?

1512734_10152152253878103_1140879049_nAlthough we are kind of partial, we think we have the best youth group anywhere! We are a group that loves to be together. Not only are we brothers and sisters in Christ, but we are also best friends and family. We participate in a variety of activities that not only give us time to have fun and serve others, but also allow us to grow spiritually. Whether we are having a movie night or bowling night, participating in a service project, attending a youth rally, or spending time with each other in devotionals amongst ourselves or other youth groups in the area, you can bet we are enjoying every bit of it! We are known as a busy group, and below are some of the activities you can expect to see us involved in.

Fun Nights

Whether movies, bowling, lock-ins, putt-putt, camping trips, Six Flags, retreats, or some other type of field trip, we love to be together for fun and fellowship. We are our own best friends, and spending time with one another is always a plus!

Bible Bowls

Bible Bowls challenge us to study God’s word and put our knowledge to the test. On a monthly basis we meet with other youth groups to participate in Bible Bowls on various books of the Bible.

Monthly Devotionals

We meet at least once a month for a time of singing, praying, and devotionals. Devotionals are usually held in the homes of one of the members of Logan Martin. Devotionals are times when we can all come together and enjoy the company of one another. We sing, we pray, and we have an uplifting message from the Word of God that is either presented by one of the young men of our group, or by our youth minister Ande. Our devotional lessons are designed to motivate and equip our youth group to serve God more diligently than ever before. All ages are encouraged to participate.

Area Wide Devotionals

We also meet monthly with other youth groups in the area to attend Area Wide Devotionals. Area Wide Devotionals are much like the devotionals that we host in a member’s home, but on a much larger scale. Typically an area wide devotional will have 200 or more other youth groups’ members present. It is a great time to sing praises to God while hearing a message that is both Bible centered and uplifting. Much like our regular devotionals, the messages presented at an Area Wide are centered on overcoming obstacles that can get in way of a young person who wants to diligently serve God.

Area Wide Devotionals are also a time for us to meet other youth in our area where we can develop life long friendships. Middle and high school ages participate in Area Wide Devotionals.

Service Projects

Jesus gave us the ultimate example of being a servant. Just look at John 13:1-20. Accordingly, we organize service projects for our youth group. Service projects are designed to teach us how to serve others. Typically our service projects involve helping someone with something that they could not do on their own. Examples of this include anything from raking leaves for someone who is unable to do so to attending worship at other congregations to help encourage the work at their location.

There are so many possibilities for service projects, and the ideas are endless! If you have an idea for a project, please let us know. We would love to help!

Summer Bible Camps

Every summer we spend a week outside in the heat getting muddy, dirty, sweaty, and tired. Why? Because we love it! Every year we go to Indian Creek Youth Camp. ICYC is an area where we can meet other people our age and participate in a variety of activities that help us to grow as Christians.

While at ICYC, we participate in daily Bible studies, devotionals, and activities that are designed to help us increase our knowledge of the Word of God and help us make applications to our lives so we can live the Christian life we are commanded to live. Also, every summer many who have not yet become Christians are baptized into Christ.

Youth Rallies

Every year we take road trips far and wide to meet with other Christians and other youth groups to study God’s Word. Youth Rallies are designed to focus on the preaching of the Bible, while covering a variety of topics that are of concern to our youth. Example topics from the past include:

  • Proof God Exists
  • How to Talk to Your Friends About God
  • Can You Hear Me Now?: The Importance of Bible Study
  • MASH: Mobile Army Spiritual Hospital

We typically attend two to three overnight or weekend trips per year, either out of state or otherwise away from Birmingham. Places we have visited include Hattiesburg, Mississippi; Ethridge, Tennessee; and Marrietta, Georgia.

With a schedule like ours no wonder we are so close, we are always together! But we love for others to be with us. Please check our events page and make plans to attend some of our events.