Your goals so far?

While there is beauty in creation each day, this time of year and springtime are by far my favorite. I enjoy the beautiful changing of the leaves, and the crisp morning temperatures. Weeks like our past week the beauty in creation is so vividly seen in the bright blue skies above. The scriptures clearly tell us that God has made everything beautiful (Eccl 3:11), and we can see God’s invisible attributes in His creation (Romans 1:20). It is hard to imagine that this year is closing on us quickly. In less than ten weeks the traditional Christmas holiday will be upon us soon followed by the beginning of 2016, where most of us will begin with making new resolutions for the year ahead.

Where are you now in your resolutions for 2015? Many of us have worked hard to ensure that we have kept our financial resolutions, and our resolution to spend more time in “relaxation”. Parents it seems that all of you achieved your resolution to advance your children to the next grade in 2015. This year has been a wonderful and productive year for so many in this congregation. The most important question is this, what things have we accomplished this year that will matter eternally?  The Logan Martin’s Eldership set plans to begin 2015 as it does each year with goals for each member to grow spiritually. The intention was for each member to say at the end of this year that their relationship with God was deeper because of an increased diligence (Heb. 11:6) in our bible study (Romans 10:17) and our time spent in prayer (1 Thess 5:17). The Eldership, as they do every year want to help us to win the war we are involved in spiritually by equipping us with all the tools we need (2 Cor 10:4), so that each of us can ensure we are a prepared people on the day of Judgment. Our Elder’s, Deacons, Ministers and teachers want nothing more than for each of us to spend forever in heaven with our Lord.

The world, however, is very different. The world doesn’t desire you to grow your relationship with God. Actually, the world would prefer you become “too busy” to spend time preparing your soul for eternity. The devil has no regard for your soul, and will find distractions and obstacles (Eph 6:11) to place in your way at every turn. The devil works to help us to think services are only important on Sunday morning, while the rest of the week is ours for the taking. God never made that statement, God stresses the importance of assembly at every opportunity (Heb 10:25). The devil will work hard to convince us that even in the day with more modern conveniences than ever, our time is so limited that all the bible study our family needs is accomplished in the bible class. God again directs us that knowledge is important in our relationship with God (Rom 10:17, 2 Peter 1:3).

Although the year is roughly 80% complete, fortunately our goals are not. What can our individual families do to ensure that at the end of 2015 the world has not won the battle for our time? Thanks be to God for those who have worked so hard to grow this year, but for each of us this year is not over and each day is a brand new opportunity to continue to grow. Let’s make sure at the end of this year, we end as a stronger congregation that when we began!

Ande Z