You Are My Friends If..

Greater love has no one than this, than to lay down one’s life for his friends.  You are My friends “(John 15:13-14)

Friendships can be one of the most wonderful things in the world. I have heard it said more times than a few that if in our lifetime we have just one true friend, then we have accomplished so much. True friends are few and far between, and a true friendship is nothing to be taken lightly. Solomon records that a “friend loves at all times” (Prov 17:17). And while it may be entirely true, sometimes even our friendships have conditions attached to them. Think about the friends in your life, why are they your friends? Generally we are friends with others because they provide enjoyment, or they help or assist us when we need help, or because they are someone we know that we can rely on in times of trouble and laugh with in times of joy.

While Jesus is fully aware that His time on this earth is nearing an end, He spends time with those he has spent the last few years side by side with. While talking with the apostles Jesus makes several references to those around him, and each reference given throughout this section of the book of John makes direct application to us on a personal level.

Greater love has no one than this, than to lay down one’s life for his friend (John 15:13) – We have a great respect that to our soldiers, many of whom are overseas now fighting for the very freedoms we enjoy today. We respect them for the sacrifice they are making for each of us. Jesus was fully aware that He would be crucified on the cross of Calvary, and He was fully aware of the pain He would feel, however, He was also fully aware that His sacrifice was necessary to provide us with a way to be reconciled with God. Imagine the respect we have for each soldier that has laid their lives down for us, and that respect is rightfully placed. But imagine that regardless of the threats that may come our way, they are only temporary, as our time here is very short.

You are my friends if you do as I command (John 15:14) – Jesus wants to be our friend, although we should always revere and respect God for all He has done for us, we need, and should want Jesus to be our friend.  Why? Because Jesus recorded that He is the only way to the Father (John 14:6), because there is no other name under heaven which can save us (Acts 4:12), and because Jesus is anxiously preparing a place for the faithful Christian to rest eternally (John 14:1-2).  And because He is the author and finisher of our salvation, to those who obey Him (Heb 5:9),

We are so glad you have made the decision to be here with us on today for our “Friends Day”, If there is anything we may do to assist you in your study of God’s word please allow us time to speak with you.

Ande Z