Why Sing?

“Is anyone among you suffering? Let him pray.

Is anyone cheerful? Let him sing psalms” (James 5:13)

Call it one of the perks of the “job”, or call it good fortune; I travel with our young people all over the place to youth events. I love to travel with them for so many reasons, but in many of these events I get to hear excellent singing. When I first started attending the Church, the whole concept of singing baffled me. I wondered where the choir was, or where the organ was. I was, to say the least, confused. I was not “raised” in the Church, despite the fact that my grandparents were members here at Logan Martin since the very first service in this location. One of the items that gets the most attention about the Church is our use of “a cappella” music, or using the voice and no mechanical instruments, in our praise to God. My gut feeling is if you have ever been asked about the Church this question has come to you.

We could go into the long and short of the answer, but the fact is, this is not just a preference, it is a conviction. God has commanded that each of us sing (Eph 5:19, Col 3:16), and because of this, we sing. Concerning our worship to God, we must always remember we worship God. God designed worship, God made us, and John reminds us that God is “worthy” (Rev. 5:12) of our worship. Accordingly, we must worship as we have been instructed.  The fact the Bible commands us in each aspect of worship automatically excludes our personal opinions of how we should worship God. We are all familiar with this concept, but for many there can still be questions. How do you answer those who question you about why we sing? What does God gain from our singing in worship to Him, and what do we gain through our singing? Please make plans to be with us tonight. We are expecting a large number of guests for our yearly Area Wide Youth Devo. Our kids travel each month to an area congregation for this event, and this Sunday these congregations will be travelling to Logan Martin as we discuss the topic, “God says SING, Man says WHY?”.

Jerry Elder will be with us. Jerry is the youth minister for the West 7th church of Christ in Columbia, Tennessee, and has served for over 25 years. Jerry is well-respected as a song leader and preacher of the Gospel. Tonight Jerry will present a “sermon in song” in which we will all sing, learn new songs, sing familiar old songs, and Jerry will spend time discussing the importance of “why” we sing, what we “get” from singing, what God “gets” from our singing, and why “what” we sing in worship is so important. Your questions will be answered, and this will be a lesson that you do not want to miss, and you will not soon forget. Our kids know and love Jerry Elder, and you will too after his lesson tonight.

Don’t forget that our evening services will be at 5:00pm rather than 6:00pm. Please remember to bring your drinks and cookies before 4:00pm, if you have not already. Most importantly be here, bring someone with you. Please BE EARLY because we expect a large crowd to attend tonight! Many thanks to everyone here for all you do!

Ande Z



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