Welcome to the new LMCOC.com

How great it is to be at our new “internet home”. God’s word is clear that it is the responsibility of the church to make all attempts to spread the “gospel of Christ” (Mark 16:15-16), and it is our prayer that this new website will not only help each of our members to become more informed as to the happenings within our congregation, but also help those that may be visiting to become acquainted with the works of the Logan Martin church of Christ. There is of course, no substitute attending regular services (Hebrew 10:25), however this website will provide another avenue for you to remain connected to the rest of the church.

Please take time to explore each link in this site, you will find audio of sermons presented here at Logan Martin. You will also be able to ask questions regarding the church and what we believe in the “questions” section. These questions can be addressed to our Minister Tim Hayes, or to Ande Zimmerman (me) our youth minister. You can also locate a calendar of current events to see all the happenings here at Logan Martin. If you live in the Pell City Area we hope you will come to visit us, and we hope you receive our paper sent out to all Pell City residents “House to House, Heart to Heart”

For our young people, and those who may visit with children, the “youth” tab will provide information about our youth program, you will be able to see information on Bible Classes offered, as well as a “Parents Page” to help keep our parents completely up to date. Pictures of recent events, and a youth calendar area also present.

Lastly, the front page will be updated continuously. Articles will be posted on a regular basis by Tim Hayes or myself. These articles will be bible centered and practical in application.

Thank you so much for your visit, we hope to see you soon!

Ande Zimmerman – Logan Martin church of Christ, youth/associate minister.