WELCOME 2013 Homecoming & Gospel Meeting


The shepherd rejoiced when he found his lost sheep and brought it home; the lady rejoiced when she found her lost coin, and the father rejoiced when his lost son returned home (Luke 15).

          We, at the Logan Martin church of Christ, rejoice that you have chosen to be with us at our 2013 Homecoming and Gospel Meeting. The annual Homecoming is an event greatly anticipated each year and we thank you for bringing joy into our lives by your presence.

          We welcome brother Jerry Martin and look forward to hearing him proclaim the soul saving word of God. Brother Martin is a true Christian gentleman who preaches the gospel of Christ in love, without fear or favor. You will want to be present at every service and to invite others.

          While visiting the Logan Martin church of Christ, if you have any Bible questions you would do us an honor to allow us to study God’s word with you. Please, feel free to ask your questions of any of our members and we promise you a Bible answer for your Bible question.