Wednesday’s Word

Doth not he see my ways and count all my steps (Job 31:4)?
The friends of Job believed the reason he suffered was because of his sins. Job did not know why he suffered such trials, but he knew that God knew everything about his life. This patriarch understood things about God which many fail to realize in this modern day. God knows all and there is no place or time wherein we can hide from Him. God knows our thoughts and intents; God knows our words and desires and God knows our actions. There is nothing that we can hide from God whether it is in our minds or manifested in our walk.
God’s infinite wisdom and knowledge of our lives should strengthen and encourage us. We should be strengthened in our walks realizing that God knows our every need; we should be strengthened in each situation knowing that God knows our every weakness and we should be strengthened every day knowing that God knows today and tomorrow.
We may not understand every situation and every trial but we can understand that God knows us from beginning to end and He rules and reigns forever. Let our faith in God grow stronger every day and let us never be swayed away from trusting God even when others attempt to lead us astray.