Wednesday’s Word

Wherefore doth the wicked contenm God? he hath said in his heart, Thou wilt not require it (Psalm 10:13).
The Psalmist asked questions of God concerning the wicked. Part of the issue with the ungodly is that they fail to recognize the fact the God will hold them accountable. Throughout the world, the attitude is often manifested, wherein the masses do not accept responsibility because they believe they will not be held liable. The thought is: if an action has to consequences, then there is no reason not to commit the action. The very fact of one having to answer for their actions serves as a deterrent. Children who are not held accountable by their parents act in unconscionable ways; adults who are not held accountable produce the society in which we now live.
There were those, in Old Testament times, who believed that God did not see or that God just would do nothing in response to wickedness. God did not respond then according to man’s time but in God’s time; God will not respond now in man’s time but in God’s time. God has not closed His eyes and covered His ears to man’s wickedness, but in the fullness of time (when God deems the time appropriate) He will take action.
As children of God let us not have the attitude to see what God will let us get by with, but let us see what we can do that will bring glory to the name of God. Someone once said, let us not be ashamed of the gospel of Christ and let us not be a shame to the gospel of Christ. We are children of God, let us walk (live) as we are children of God; let us live where others see Christ in our lives. Let us not live for the wages of sin, but for the reward of righteousness.