Wednesday’s Word

I will both lay me down in peace and sleep: for thou, Lord, only makest me dwell in safety (Psalm 4:8).
The Psalmist wrote of wonderful blessings received from God. He spoke of the assurance found in praying to God and the privilege of being set apart by God for the purpose of God; he spoke of the awe in which we should live before God and the opportunity of offering sacrifices unto God; he reminded us of the trust which we should have in God and the happiness brought into our lives by God.
The Psalmist declared the peace that is found only with God, the peace that we may so wonderfully enjoy. Peace is desired by all but sadly is sought in all the wrong places. Peace is sought through leagues between nations; peace is sought through laws of the land; peace is sought through covenants between people and peace is often sought through deceiving self. Yes, peace is sought in many places, but peace is only possible through God.
The peace offered from God is not dependent on material matter and temporary things, but on the power and truthfulness of God. True peace is available when and especially when the storms of life roll; true peace is available when and especially when the peace of the world has failed. Faithful followers of God enjoy peace concerning the present and future because of God’s history. God has always been faithful and true to His word, therefore we know that God will always be faithful and true to His word.
When children of God pillow their heads, they know that God is seated upon His throne, that God is in control and that God loves them. No matter what this world may bring into the lives of the christian, Heaven awaits as our everlasting home.
Let us face this day and every day with confidence, conviction and peace.