Wednesday’s Word

He healeth the broken in heart and bindeth up their wounds (Psalm 147:3).

The psalmist sang praises unto God and gave reason why all should glorify our Lord. Through his inspired writings, John declared that God is love. The love of God is manifested to mankind through innumerable ways: the sacrifice of Jesus on the cross of Calvary; the creation of all things; the assurances of the word of God; the hope, joy and peace provided by God; salvation of the soul; the promise of Heaven, etc.

Listed with the ways through which God’s love is shown is His care for man. Peter stated that we are to bring all our “cares” (distractions) to God, for He careth for us (I Peter 5:7). It is a frightening thing when someone feels as though no one cares for them.

In the world, in which we now live, there seems to be an over abundance of people who hold the belief that no one cares for them. The fact is: someone cares, God always cares and His children care. But, to the one who does not know God and His care, it is as though no one cares.

We as children of God have the wonderful privilege of showing the care of God to the world; we as children of God have the great responsibility of showing God’s care in our lives, to those who do not know God; we as children of God have the opportunity of teaching hope to those who know no hope.

The idea of “broken in heart” deals with the: will, intellect, courage and mind. For so many in the world, they have lost their will. Many have lost the will to live, exist, grow, prosper, exhort, because many suffer with a broken heart. God can heal that broken heart and God is the only one who can heal the broken heart. God cares and God is able.

Let us help the world to know the God who can heal their broken heart.