Wednesday’s Word

Praise ye the Lord. Blessed is the man that feareth the Lord, that delighteth greatly in his commandments (Psalm 112:1).

Part of the reason man praises God is because of the blessings man receives from God. All men are blessed by God, but all men do not praise God (Matthew 5:45).

The man who holds God in great reverence is wonderfully blessed; the man who heeds the word of God in diligent obedience is marvelously blessed. Those obedient unto God are blessed in this life and will be eternally blessed in the life to come.

In this life the saints are blessed with the best life in this world: the best homes, because God is the head of their home; the best jobs, because they work as in service to God; the best associates, because they are surrounded with those who have given themselves to God; the greatest hope, because their hope is Heaven which is possible through Christ Jesus; the greatest love, because God is love; the greatest peace, because our Savior was murdered but is alive forever more.

Those obedient unto God are blessed because of what is assured after this life: the greatest journey, because they will be carried by angels; the greatest reward, because it will be given by the greatest giver; the greatest day, because it will never end; the greatest mansion, because it will be built by the greatest Carpenter; the greatest food, because it is the tree of life; the greatest address, because it is the home of God.

Indeed, praise ye the Lord.