Wednesday’s Word

How then can a man be justified with God? or how can he be clean that is born of a woman (Job 24)?
Bildad made one final attempt at convicting Job of his sins and his sins being the reason of the tragedies in his life. The popular concept during the time in which Job lived was bad things happened to you because of sin you had committed. Job’s argument was that he had done nothing to deserve such trials, but his friends argued the proof of his guilt was in the tribulation. Thus Bildad asserted that an unjust man could not stand justified before God and a man born of woman (guilty of sin) was unclean before God.
Bildad presented what he believed to be points which could not be defeated. But, Bildad looked through the eyes of man and not the eyes of God. No, man’s sins could not be removed under the Patriarch Age and Mosaic Age, but man could live faithfully unto God. The blood of Jesus Christ is that which washes away sins, even sins all the way back to the beginning. Those living during the Patriarch Age and the Mosaic Age had to be faithful unto God under which ever law they lived. When the blood of Jesus was shed, it washed away the sins of those who had lived faithfully during these early ages.
It is still the blood of Jesus which takes away the sins of the world and it is the blood of Christ which continues to take away sins until the end of time. It is the blood of Christ which makes an unjust man stand justified before God; it is the blood of Christ which makes a filthy man stand clean before God.
Let us take advantage of the blood of Jesus and let us tell the world of the soul saving power of the blood of our Lord.