Wednesday’s Word

O Lord God of my salvation, I have cried day and night before thee (Psalm 88:1).
Are you saved? If not, why? If so, how?
When I travel in the Far East and as I meet someone in the morning time He or she will pose the question, Have you taken your breakfast? They ask the question out of concern and with a realization that everyone does not have a ready access to food. They ask the question without hesitation, they ask the question without embarrassment; they ask the question without malice; they ask the question with prejudice; they ask the question without fear; they ask the question with genuine concern.
Jesus compared the physical food and drink to the spiritual food and drink (John 6). In this comparison, Jesus pointed out that we eat and drink but the physical body is soon hungry and thirsty; but, Jesus provides food and drink for the soul from which will never hunger and thirst. God is the one who makes our salvation possible and it is possible from no one else. Yes, we are to feed the body but the feeding of the soul is far more important. Yes, we are to care for the body, but no matter what we do for this body, on day it will die. Yes, as children of God we should feed those who are physically hungry (Matthew 25) but there is a spiritual hunger for which we should have a greater concern. We should not be afraid to take food to the hungry and we should not be afraid to take the bread of life to those whose souls are starving.
If you enjoy salvation, it is by the grace, mercy and love of God. Let us tell others of the God of salvation.