Wednesday’s Word

Let God arise, let his enemies be scattered: let them also that hate him flee before him (Psalm 68:1).
In this psalm the psalmist sings praise unto God and seeks the well being of God. The well being of the children of God depends on the well being of God.
During the contest between Elijah and the prophets of Baal, Elijah  suggested that Baal was asleep or traveling or involved in something that kept him from hearing and answering the pleas of his followers. The one, true God is never so busy wherein He cannot hear and answer our prayers. God, who cannot lie, has promised to hear and answer the prayers of His faithful. God, who is all-power, cannot be defeated, but the psalmist prayed that God would have victory over His enemies. We are so dependent upon God, that if He were to blink, we would cease to exist. Therefore, we should pray for God, His success and the defeat of His enemies.
Remember, the enemies of God are the enemies of the children of God. The enemies of God will never defeat God and they will never defeat His children, if the children of God remain with God. In the book of Job, the battle was not between Satan and Job, but Satan and God. Satan’s only hope of attack against God was and is through the children of God. The apostle Paul used the analogy that if Christ is still in the grave then we are lost without hope. Let us therefoer understand, that if God is defeated, his followers have no hope.
Let our prayer be that God stands. That He stands strong and true forever; that He stands faithfully on His word; that He stands without waver; that He stands victoriously. We must then realize, that as long as God stands: we can stand with Him.