Wednesday’s Word

The righteous shall be glad in the Lord and shall trust in him; and all the upright in heart shall glory (Psalm 64:10).
I suggest that this text is a declaration from the psalmist and a promise from God. The psalmist is looking through the eyes of history and speaking of the blessings he has enjoyed from God. God is looking from everlasting to everlasting; from the beginning to the end and beyond. Moses wrote, as recorded in Leviticus 26, of blessings and curses from God. God is faithful to His word: God will bless those who faithfully serve Him and God will punish those who chose to turn away from Him.
God does not demand nor does He desire blind faith. The first two steps of obedience to the gospel are: hearing the word of God and believing the word of God. Thus, Paul wrote that faith comes by hearing the word of God (Romans 10:17). The writer of Hebrews used the words “substance” and “evidence” when he described faith. No, true faith is not blind but rather our faith is built on those things which have taken place in the past. Therefore, we know what God is going to do in the future, because we know what God has done in the past.
Question: in the past, has God blessed His faithful followers? The answer is a resounding, Yes. God has always blessed His faithful children and will always bless His faithful children. Therefore, we can be glad in the Lord and trust Him in whom we will have eternal joy.