Tuesday’s Time

How hast thou helped him that is without power? how savest thou the arm that hath no strength (Job 26:2)?


The friends of Job had talked and talked and talked in which they continuously brought accusations against Job. Job wanted his friends to realize that true strength and comfort was not found in their words or their wisdom. Peace and comfort would come to Job only through God; true peace and comfort will come to each of us only through God.

Last night within a two hour time frame I received devastating news about three different people I know: one is at the point of death; one suffered a severe stroke and the third received a life changing diagnosis. Times and situations such as these remind us that this life can change so quickly and without prior notice. But, we are also reminded that God and His word does not change: the things of this life are indeed temporary; the things of God are eternal.

What then is important about this life? Paul wrote that we will be judged, by God, according to the things done in this body. In this body we live in accordance to the word of God, so that we may live eternally with God.

While we and others may have good intentions, true help comes from Heaven above. Let us seek and accept God’s helping hand.