Tuesday’s Time

The righteous eateth to the satisfying of his soul: but the belly of the wicked shall want (Proverbs 13:25).

Jesus Christ said, Blessed are they that hunger and thirst after righteousness, for they shall be filled (Matthew 5:6). Solomon sought satisfaction, as recorded in the book of Ecclesiastes, but he failed to find it. Solomon failed to be satisfied, because he sought satisfaction in the wrong places. Solomon had greater riches of this world than any other man: he sought satisfaction in sensual things; he sought satisfaction in the substance of this world; he sought satisfaction in self. Solomon said that he kept back nothing from himself that he desired, yet he failed to be satisfied.

I know some who are wealthy in the things of this world, but who are not satisfied. I also know some who are poor in the things of this world and they fail to be satisfied. Some receive the things of this world, but are poor stewards, thus wasting what they have gained and are never satisfied. Rich or poor, those who seek satisfaction in the temporal things of this world, will never be satisfied. Temporary enjoyment is found in some of the things of this world, but true satisfaction can only gained in that which is eternal

.”The righteous eateth to the satisfying of his soul” is true because the righteous seek satisfaction with God. God is the only one who can provide true satisfaction; Satan can never provide true satisfaction. Yes, Satan offers true satisfaction but he can not provide it; Satan offers temporary pleasure and that is all he can provide (Hebrews 11:25). This world is temporary, the things of this world are temporary, therefore true eternal satisfaction cannot be gained in them. Paul wrote for the child of God to “seek those things which are above;” we are to seek the things of the eternal God, in the eternal abode of the righteous. 

Let us live the life of the righteous, seek those things which are eternal, satisfying our souls.