Tuesday’s Time

In the day when I cried thou answeredst me and strengthenedst me with strength in my soul (Psalm 138:3).

One of the greatest blessings enjoyed by the child of God is prayer. The children of God have the privilege of approaching God, in prayer, through Christ Jesus. Prayer makes possible the ability to offer thanksgiving, praise and glory to God; prayer gives an avenue through which the child of God can take their cares and concerns to the Father and prayer is the door through which the child of God can take their petitions before the Lord God.

Prayer is a privilege offered by God, for His children and God has promised to answer our prayers.The child of God is strengthened through prayer. Strength is generated in the privilege of prayer; strength is generated in the person of prayer and strength is generated in promise of prayer.

No one but the child of God has the privilege of prayer, but every child of God has the privilege to address the Father. The privilege of prayer reminds the child of God of their relationship to God. We who were far away from God are now brought nigh to God and we are close enough to God to speak to Him.

The person of prayer reminds us that we are addressing God: omnipotent, omniscient, omnipresent God. God who created all things; God who made man in His image; God who loves man; God who gave His Son for man; God who is able. In understanding the privilege of prayer, the child of God is strengthened.

The promise of prayer generates strength, because the person of prayer (God) has promised to hear His child. Yes, God has promised to answer each prayer; no, God does not promise that each answer will be yes. But, each answer from God will be that which is best for His child.

Let us avail ourselves to the wonderful privilege of prayer.