Tuesday’s Time

I wait for the Lord, my soul doth wait and in his word do I hope (Psalm 130:5).
The word translated “wait” has as a base definition: to bind together. Are we “bound together” with God? The psalmist proclaims that his hope is in God to whom he is bound.

The idea of being bound to someone also presents the idea of knowing that one as we know no other. Thus, knowing God, as we know no other, our hope is in God. Knowing who God is; knowing what God has done; knowing what God is doing and knowing what God will do: we place our hope in God. Our hope is in God, because God is able. He is able to give, like none other; He is able to forgive, like none other.

Our hope could be in Satan, but Satan cannot forgive our sins; our hope could be in some human being, but he or she cannot take our sins away; our hope may be in some doctrine of man, but that doctrine will not stand forever.In who or what do you place your hope?

Jesus exhorts us to place our “treasures” in Heaven, because one day the earth and the works therein will be burned up (II Peter 3:10). The patriarch Job was correct when he said that we came into the world naked and we will depart the same way (Job 1:21) and the apostle Paul made a similar statement when he reminded Timothy that we bring nothing when we come into the world and we will take nothing with us when we leave the world in death (I Timothy 6:7).

If our hope is in this world and the things of this world, one day our hope will be lost. But, if our hope is in the eternal God, then one day our hope will be realized eternally.God, through the pen of Paul, divided the world into two groups: those who have hope and those who have no hope (Ephesians 2:12).

Those in Christ Jesus, have the hope of God; those outside of Christ, have no hope. Those obedient unto the gospel of Jesus Christ, have the hope of God; those disobedient to the gospel of Jesus Christ, have no hope. God desires for all to know that in Christ there is hope for all, but outside of Christ there is no hope.

Let us live in the gospel of peace and hope; let us teach others to live in the gospel of peace and hope (Romans 10:15; Colossians 1:23).