Tuesday’s Time

The Lord hath done great things for us; whereof we are glad (Psalm 126:3).

The psalmist spoke for Israel and proclaimed the goodness of God. Israel had been chosen by God; Israel had been delivered out of Egyptian captivity by God; Israel had been delivered to the Promised Land by God; Israel had been delivered many times from oppression by God and Israel received the promise of God which foretold of the coming Messiah.

Indeed, God had done great things for Israel. But, what God did for Israel, pales in comparison to what God does for His church. The things enjoyed by Israel pointed to the things enjoyed by the church.

In the church, the reality is enjoyed, rather than the promise. From the Patriarch Age, through the Mosaic Age the promise of the Messiah loomed in the future. In the church, the Messiah has come and now rules as King and High Priest. Under the Law of Moses, the promise of the new covenant was presented, while under the Law of Christ we enjoy the new covenant. In this new covenant, we enjoy the forgiveness of sin; while under the Law of Moses, sin was remembered on the Day of Atonement. Many kings ruled over Israel and Judah, but in the Kingdom of God (His church) there is only one King and that King is Jesus Christ. In the Aaronic priesthood, many High Priest served, but under the priesthood of the true tabernacle, there is only one High Priest and that High Priest is Jesus Christ.

Under the Law of Moses, Israel received the Promised Land, but lost it because of their disobedience. Under the Law of Christ, while traveling to the Promised Land, one can lose the right to enter, but after judgment the Promised Land will never be lost.

The Lord hath done great things and one day the greatness of Heaven will be enjoyed by all the faithful of all the ages.