Tuesday’s Time

I called upon the Lord in distress: the Lord answered me and set me in a large place (Psalm 118:5).
The psalmist used two different words which hold the opposite ends of the spectrum. The word “distress” presents the idea of: something tight (figuratively) trouble; the words “large place” are defined as: enlargement or figuratively (liberty). The psalmist found himself in a “tight” place but God put him in a very “open” place.¬†

God does not make life wherein His children do not face trials and troubles, but God does make it possible for His children to endure and overcome. It was not the fact that the apostles were not in storm on the sea, but that Jesus was with them in the storm and He brought about the calm.

The apostle Paul wrote about the “peace that passeth all understanding” (Philippians 4:7) and in this peace, the hearts and minds of the children of God are secured through Christ Jesus.The world desires what the child of God holds; the world desires peace of heart and mind; the world desires peace in the storms of life. But the world fails to seek true peace in the one place it is found. Paul said that peace is found in Christ Jesus and that means in only in Christ Jesus.

True peace is not found in the obtaining of substance, because one day everything in this life will be burned up. True peace is not found in sensuality, Solomon attempted this and realized it was vanity (void, empty). True peace is not found in self, because man is not divine, all-knowing, all-powerful or ever present. True peace is available from God, for all mankind. But, we must accept the peace offered by God.

Let us seek peace while it may be found and let us grasp peace while it may be obtained.