Tuesday’s Time

Turn us again, O Lord God of hosts, cause thy face to shine: and we shall be saved (Psalm 80:19).
Israel is pleading with God to be restored to a wonderful relationship with Him. The word translated “turn” can be translated “restore.” How or why would this restoration take place? Throughout the word of God, God reminds man that He has no pleasure in the death of the wicked. The desire for God is for all men to be saved, not lost. When we consider the idea of “turning” as presented in this text, we must look at it through the actions of God and man. God makes man’s turning possible, but man must take the action. In sin, man turns away from God; in Christ, man turns back to God. Because of man’s sin, God is separated from man; because of Christ, God is reunited with man.
The sweet psalmist of Israel made this request of God: “restore unto me the joy of thy salvation.” True joy is found only in the salvation made possible by God the Father, in God the Son. If there is no salvation, there is no true joy; there is no true joy, if there is no salvation.
Turning to God is: turning away from hopelessness and turning to hope; turning away from darkness and turning to light; turning away from death and turning to life; turning away from despair and turning to deliverance; tuning away from hate and turning to love; turning away from want and turning to a life of abundance; turing from the destroyer and turning to the Savior.
Let us take advantage of today and turn to God.