Tuesday’s Time

They abhor me, they flee far from me and spare not to spit in my face (Job 30:10).
Job thought of his friends and associates and the relationships which they had previously held. The young people had revered Job and Job’s contemporaries held him in honor. But now, as Job suffered, the attitudes of others toward him had greatly changed. Those who had once bowed to Job, now spat in his face; those who had held him in honor, now held him in derision and those who once sought audience with him, now distanced themselves from him. Why, because this is what the world does.
James warned the first century christians, as well as us, against respect of persons (James 2:6). Those from whom the christians desired favor, were the very ones who brought persecution against the church. The twenty-first century christians often falls into the same snare. What does the christian surrender just to be held in a “good light” by the world? What is the christian willing to accept just to be in fellowship with those of the world?┬áLet us guard against turning our backs upon Christ and His church just to receive kind words from the world.
James reminds us that those who are friends of the world are enemies with God (James 4:4). Let there never be any doubt as to whose favor we seek and whose friend we are.