Tuesday’s Time

But I am poor and needy: make haste unto me, O God: thou art my help and deliverer; O Lord, make no tarrying (Psalm 70:5).
Are you self-sufficient? Do you take care of yourself by yourself? Have you and do you “pick yourself up by your own bootstraps”?
These are the ways in which we often see ourselves. That we are self-sufficient; that we take care of ourselves; that we are the reason we have gained any success.  As children of God, when we harbor such attitudes, we sound much like the maligned brethren of Laodicea. These brethren said of themselves: I am rich; I am increased with goods, I have need of nothing. Jesus Christ, the One who is located in the midst of the churches, said of them: they were poor, they were wretched and they were blind (Revelation 3:17).
Jesus offered to the church at Laodicea: gold tried in fire, they had fools gold; white raiment so they could be clothed with victory, they had black wool which indicated their defeat; God had eye medication which would allow them to see, they were blind and did not realize it. The attitude showing that I do not need anything from anyone is the attitude that says I do not need God. God desires us to humble ourselves before Him; God desires us to lovingly and obediently serve Him. When we begin to understand how greatly we do need God, serving God gets much easier. The song is correct: “I Need Thee Every Hour.”