Tuesday’s Time

And I said, Oh that I had wings like a dove! for would I fly away and be at rest (Psalm 54:6).
The Psalmist made request of God, for God to hear and answer his prayer. He then spoke of the trials and tribulations with which he was faced. He wrote of his enemies and of oppression; he wrote of wickedness and trouble; he revealed being overwhelmed with fear and he desired reprieve and escape. He thought of being able to run away from the trials and if he were a bird, he would just fly away.
Perhaps, we each felt similar strains and considered similar escapes. Some attempt escape from tribulations by retreating in their minds to shut out the world; multitudes turn to alcohol or drugs for an escape; others choose different vises through which they attempt escape. At best these attempts are very temporary and at worst they are detrimental.
Where then is the answer? Where is the answer, when the lion roars at the door? Where is the answer, when the world closes in? Where is the answer, when we stumble beneath the burden? Where is the answer, when we are weak, weary and distraught? Where is the answer?
The answer in times of trial, is the answer in times of prosperity: God; God is the answer. The Psalmist was correct when the cried out to God; he was correct when he turned to God; he was correct when he petitioned God; he was correct when he trusted God. God is always the answer. But, we in turn, must turn to God; we must petition God; we must trust God.
Each is faced with the trials of this life and the answer for each is God.