To Serve On Another

After that, He poured water into a basin and began to wash the disciples’ feet, and to wipe them with the towel with which He was girded.  (John 13:5)

I know that so many of you have spent time this past week up in the Shoal Creek area, and many of you have been in other areas serving and helping those who have been affected by the recent storms in our area. My first trip to the Shoal Creek area occurred last Saturday on May 14th. The destruction is quite wide spread, and the damage is all around. It’s hard to look at. But I have to admit, I was blown away by the number of people that were volunteering their time, and their efforts to help people that they don’t even know. There were a large number of people who were out, working hard, for no other reason than they wanted to help.

I can’t help but think of the example that Tim brought to mind just two weeks ago, with so many who say “why NOT me”, and so many who say “why me” in these situations. The best explanation for “why not me” would be so that those who are not affected can help.  It is our responsibility, and our privilege to help those about us that are in need. This clean up will not be quick, many months of work will be required to assist our neighbors all over the state, and opportunities are all over the place to be able to help as well.  Opportunities are out to assist in debris removal, or serving meals, or working collecting goods to be distributed, or distributing goods to others, the opportunities are all over the place.

Think of the example that we are given in John chapter thirteen. Jesus is fully aware of the circumstances which are about to come on Him, there is no question that His time on earth is drawing near to an end, and the bible says that “having loved His own that were in the world, He loved them to the end” (John 13:1). The question comes about, how did Jesus demonstrate His love to those around Him? As the progression of events continues, the bible illustrates that Jesus pours water into a basin, and begins to wash the disciple’s feet. (John 13:5).  This was a job normally reserved for the lowest servant in the household. It was certainly not a job for the master in the home.  So why did Jesus spend time washing the feet of the disciples? I can think of two reasons. 

  1. To show His love to His disciples:  Think of those times that others have been unselfish in helping us, and helping us with no hope of any type of gain. When we spend time serving others, for no reason other than to show our love to them, not only do we show our love for them, but we also reflect to them the love that God has for us.
  2. To give us an example to serve others:  The words of Jesus close this example this way “For I have given you an example, that you should do as I have done to you.” (John 13:15).

Think for, and look for opportunities to serve those around us  in the weeks in months to come. Be aware, that we do not know the implications that our actions can have on someone else for all eternity.

Ande Z