Thursday’s Thought

The heavens declare the glory of God; and the firmament sheweth his handywork (Pslam 19:1).
Moses records that in six days the Lord created the heaven and earth and everything in them (Exodus 20:11). The heavens are so vast: planet after planet; star after star; and solar system after solar system. We cannot even see to the end of what God has placed in the heavens. Entities without number; beauty beyond imagination. Listed among the planets, is earth, the one we call home. We enjoy the dry land and the water; the plants and animals; the place and the population. Consider all that God has created and that God has given dominion to man over the things on the earth. Think of the creatures of the land and of the sea: the stately lion; the soaring eagle and the majestic whale. Think of the mountains which reach to the heavens; the cavernous valleys; the mighty rivers and the vast seas. Think of all that God created and realize that it is man whom God made in His image; it is man to whom God gave a soul and it is man with whom God desires to live eternally.
Have you considered that of all the creation, man is the only one to say: there is no God. The inanimate entities shout with all their being: God lives and God reigns. Yet, man, into whom God breathed the breath of life declares: there is no God. The animals who hold a spirit of life, but no soul, cry out: God is our creator. But, man, who has spirit and soul, from God state: God is not alive.
This day, take time to look up: to the sun, whose warmth and light demands, there is a God; to the stars, planets and galaxies, whose reflective light say, God is near. As the pinnacle of God’s creation, let us position God as the pinnacle in our lives.