Thursday’s Thought

Lord, who shall abide in thy tabernacle? who shall dwell in thy holy hill (Psalm 15:1)?
On another occasion, the question was asked in this manner: Who is on the Lord’s side? The response was not asking for a show of hands of all who have faith. The divine answer spoke of action: things performed and things not done; of attitudes and actions manifested. Faithfulness has never been faith only and faithfulness will never be faith only.
Those who abide with God are those who walk with God, they do what God commands and they speak the words spoken by God. To be numbered with those who dwell with God we must know God well enough, so that others see God in our lives. There are things we do and there are things we do not do. We honor and respect others, therefore we do no harm to others through word or deed.
Those who walk with Christ, must walk like Christ. The followers of our Lord are to have the mind of Christ. Jesus died on the cross, because of the sins of the world, not because He had sinned. Jesus gave His life a ransom, to buy us back, so that we might enjoy redemption, not because He was lost. Thus, we help others because they need help, not because there is gain for self. Our lives are to be living sacrifices; we sacrifice ourselves for the cause of Christ.
Question: when others think of those who abide with Christ, does our name come to mind?
Question: when God thinks of those who abide with Christ, does our name come to mind?
Let us strive diligently and daily to dwell in the holy hill of God.