Thursday’s Thought

The Lord hath sworn in truth unto David; he will not turn from it; Of the fruit of thy body will I set upon thy throne (Psalm 132:11).

Can you trust God; can you trust the word of God? The answer is, yes. History proves the trustworthiness of God.

God, who cannot lie, has never lied and never will. For God to lie, God has to cease being God. God has never lied; God has never been incorrect; God has never been mistaken; God has never been fooled; God has never misunderstood; God had never had to correct Himself because He was unable to fulfill His obligation, responsibility or promise. 

The word of God is true the very second He states it and His word is true forever. God’s word was true when He spoke in Egypt on the Passover and His word was true that same day when the He smothe the first born of the Egyptians; God’s word was true when He spake it at Jericho and it was true seven days later when He defeated the mighty city of Jericho; God’s word was true when He promised David about the kingdom set up by one from his seed and it was true some almost 1,000 years later when Jesus established His kingdom. 

God’s word was true when He first spoke of an eternal home in Heaven for His faithful and His word will remain true until the day He calls His children home.You can trust God. You can trust the word of God which tells us of salvation in Christ Jesus. But, it matters not if God’s word is true, if we fail to hear and heed. 

When the storms of life blow and the trials of life come, trust God, because He is trustworthy.