Thursday’s Thought

Blessed is every one that feareth the Lord; that walketh in his ways (Psalm 128:1).

The word “blessed” presents the idea of being happy by knowing the end of the journey. Through obedience, one shows the reverence he or she holds for God and in this reverence, one is blessed. The Hebrews writer recorded that Jesus is “the author or eternal salvation unto all that obey him” (Philippians 5:9).

There is no greater blessing, than eternal salvation and there will be no greater loss, than the loss of eternal salvation.We are blessed by having the opportunity and the ability to walk in the ways of the Lord. The word of the Lord teacheth what the way of the Lord is and how to walk in that way. God has given His word to all the world and has commissioned His children to carry His word into all the world. Many reject Jesus Christ and His word  and on the Day of Judgment will have to answer to God. These will not be blessed, but will be stand condemned.

We are blessed by having the opportunity of knowing God and revering God. Having knowledge of what God has done, is doing and will do should lead to a true reverence of God. Much of the world fails to hold a proper reverence for the one true God  who is worthy.

We are blessed with having the opportunity of showing the true lover, respect and reverence to the great I AM.We are blessed with the privilege of living lives of reverence unto God and before others. Through our lives we have the opportunity of showing others God’s love, mercy and grace in our lives. Through our lives we have the wonderful privilege of showing others what their lives can be. Through our lives we have the opportunity of showing others the blessings they can enjoy in their lives.

Let us realize and take advantage of the blessed lives we live in Christ Jesus.