Thursday’s Thought

In my distress I cried unto the Lord and he heard me (Psalm 120:1).

Have you ever offered assistance to someone, to realize later that they needed more help than you could provide? Have you ever started a task but soon realized you did not have the expertise to complete the task? Peter reminds us that we are to give our cares unto God, because He cares for us. God not only has interest in our needs, but God is able to care for our needs. 

One of the most soothing statements presented in the Bible is: God is able. The statement is very succinct, but the meaning is superfluous. God is able to satisfy when times are good and when trials are difficult. There is no situation in our lives, which is too difficult for God. Many friends desire to help, but they are unable; God desires to help and is always able.

The children of God are able to approach Him at any time and for any trial. It is a wonderful blessing to know that the One from whom we seek help, is able to provide all necessary help.God is able to provide peace, when no other can.

Most who attempt to help, find themselves struggling with similar trials. Our Lord Jesus Christ, our High Priest, has been tempted in all manners as we are, but He overcame them all. Our God is able to provide peace, when it appears that there is no peace.

There is no greater distress in the life of man, than that of sin. Sin separates us from God and sin will ultimately separate us from the eternal home in Heaven. But, our God is the one and only help and hope of salvation. God is the one and the only one who makes Heaven possible and available. 

Let us cast our care upon God, because God is able.