Thursday’s Thought

He raiseth up the poor out of the dust and lifeth the needy out of the dunghill (Psalm 113:7).
The psalmist continues to praise the Lord God. In his praise, the psalmist speaks of the mercy and grace of God. God, who is all-powerful, has the ability to lift up the poor and the needy. Peter recorded that if we humble ourselves unto God, He will exalt us in due time (I Peter 5:6).

There are many Christians, who according to the world’s standards, are very poor. They are poor in light of the things of this world, but they have treasures stored in Heaven and are children of the King. They are poor in things that are very temporary and one day will be destroyed, but they are rich beyond the world’s understanding in the things which are eternal. They are poor in the things through which Satan tempts, but rich in divine gifts. They are poor according to the huts in which they live, but rich with a mansion that awaits them built by the greatest carpenter. They are poor in the medical care they receive, but rich in the great Physician who makes it possible for them to live forever. They are poor because they own no vehicle in which to ride, but they are rich because one day they will be transported by angels into Abraham’s bosom. They are poor because of the food they eat, but they are rich because they feast upon the bread of life. They are poor and their children are poor; they are needy and their children are needy, but one day they and their children will be presented by the Son unto the Father as good and faithful servants.

Perhaps we need to check the standard by which we determine who is rich and who is poor. Without God we are all poor, needy and destitute; with God we are rich beyond imagination.