Thursday’s Thought

Canst thou draw out leviathan with an hook? or his tongue with a cord which thou lettest down (Job 41:1)?
How powerful was Job? How powerful is any person? Does any person have the power of God? Does any person have the wisdom and knowledge of God? God presented a challenge through a series of questions? God did not ask these questions because He lacked the information, but rather for man’s consideration.
If one were able to gather the strongest person, the wisest person, the richest person and the smartest person and combine their abilities, they would still fail miserably compared to God. God used the control of the leviathan as an example. Man could not control that one animal, let alone all other things for which God cares every minute of everyday.
God is the God of grace. When the Bible speaks of grace it is: unmerited favor to those who are destitute. We are helpless; man is lost and cannot save himself. We are not God and we cannot be saved without God. God is the One who makes it possible for us to live; God is the One who delivers us from the bondage of Satan; God is the One who gives light in the world of darkness; God is the One who provides our home in Heaven.
Among men, there were none greater than Job. But, without God, Job had no hope. We weep with Job over his loses, but we rejoice with Job because God was with him. We will probably never reach the great wealth or prestige enjoyed by Job, but as a christian we are far richer than Job could imagine.
Let us thank God for His bountiful grace which we enjoy every day.