Thursday’s Thought

Because they believed not in God and trusted not in his salvation: 23 Though he had commanded the clouds from above and opened the doors of heaven (Psalm 78:22-23).
What would it take to cause one to truly believe God? God began this Psalm by commanding His children to hear and hearken to His word. He also warned His children not to do as their forefathers who turned away from God and His word. Sadly, it was not the heathen to whom God was speaking, but His children who had received the blessings and rejected the giver of the blessings. The children of Israel had cried out from Egypt and God heard their cries and delivered them from bondage. He brought great plagues upon Egypt, while He protected His people; He defeated the gods of Egypt, while He showed the world the strength and power of the one, true God. God opened the Red Sea and delivered His children out of the hands of the Egyptian army; He provided water to quench the thirst and food to satisfy their hunger; He supplied a guide for His children: a cloud by day and a pillar of fire by night.
One would think, upon seeing a miracle, faith would be built but time and time again Israel turned a blind eye toward God. The rich man asked that Lazarus be sent back from the dead to warn his five brothers, but the request was denied. The response was that they had the word of God and would not believe even if one came back from the grave. We have the word of God, what should we take to the world? Jesus said that the truth will set us free and the God’s word is the truth.
History proves that the vast majority who witnessed a miracle, were not obedient and faithful to God. Many choose entertainment and enticement over obedience from the heart. The exhortation and exhilaration from the enticement of Satan do not build true faith and therefore are short lived. Satan promotes that some new thing is constantly needed in the worship and service unto God but in contrast God states that His word never changes. With a loving heart, let us be true and faithful to the loving God.