Thursday’s Thought

I will speak, that I may be refreshed: I will open my lips and answer (Job 32:20).
Bildad, Zophar and Eliphaz had each addressed Job multiple times. These three had accused their friend of heinous sins, which resulted in the trials being suffered by Job. Job had defended himself, denying the accusations but unsure as to why such persecution had befallen him. These three ceased their assaults against their friend but then chimed in a younger man named Elihu. Time and time again, Elihu will declare that he has something to say, he has the answer for Job, but he continuously fails to produce. Elihu was younger than the first three, but his mind set was the same. He said a lot of things, but he never said anything because he failed to allow God to speak.
Throughout the book of Job, God is falsely charged with persecuting Job. Interestingly, god never answered the charge. It was Satan who brought the hardships against Job; it was God who did not allow Satan to take Job’s life. All who spoke with Job offered answers but none offered an answer from God.
When we consider trials in our lives and in the lives of others let us always remember God and His constant love for us. In speaking of death and the resurrection, the apostle Paul reminded us that the child of God should find comfort in the word of God. We feast upon the bread of life to strengthen ourselves for the journey through this life and into the life to come. The importance and duration of man’s words cannot be underestimated; the importance and duration of God’s words cannot be overestimated.
Let us hear and heed the word of God.