Thursday’s Thought

Which stilleth the noise of the seas, the noise of their waves, and the tumult of the people (Psalm 65:7).
The psalmist proclaimed praise unto God, because of the wonderful blessings with which God had blessed him. This verse is in the midst of the list of blessings enjoyed from God: God stilleth the noise and God stilleth the tumult of the people.
We each have heard sounds which are not enjoyable and there may be sounds which are personally irritating. When we find ourselves in these situations we make the necessary changes to silence the noise. We each have found ourselves in tumultuous situations, perhaps wherein we were uncomfortable or possibly fearful. Whether irritating noise or threatening tumult we attempt to remove ourselves or resolve the issue.
In our lives there is much “noise” and “tumult” from which we need relief. There is noise and tumult of society which threatens the peace in our lives. God is the God of peace and only from God will we obtain and secure peace. God can silence the noise of society, through the sound of the gospel of peace. The word translated “stilleth” is defined as: to address in a loud tone. The sound of God overpowers the sound of society.
In our lives there is the noise and tumult of sensuality. Through every means and every media, Satan assaults the peace of God in our lives through sensuality. Sensuality is promoted through television, radio, movies, printed publication, social media, in person, in private, in every aspect of our lives. Satan attacks on every front, but God is able to still this noise and tumult.
In our lives there is the noise and tumult found in our homes. The home is an institution created by God for the benefit of man, but Satan has embedded himself where he should not be a welcomed guest. Satan can be and must be evicted from our homes and that is possible only by the power of God. No, it is not miraculous and it should not be a mystery, but through obedience to the gospel of peace, the noise and tumult of Satan in our homes can be stilled.
Let us determine to allow God to still the noise and tumult of Satan from our lives.