Thursday’s Thought

My foot standeth in an even place: in the congregations will I bless the Lord (Psalm 26:12).
Where do you stand? This is a question which holds many connotations. At times it is asked concerning one’s opinion; at other times it may reference the actual locations of one’s feet. In this text, the statement is used in reference to the foundation upon which one’s faith and life is established.
Perhaps, the question could be asked in this manner: Upon what is your faith built? Is your faith established on man or God? Is your faith dependant on some thing or on the One who created all things? Does the strength of your faith rely on that which will one day end or on the eternal God?
The Psalmist said that his feet were in an even place, a place which provided solid footing. He did not have to worry about the foundation failing, therefore he did not have to be concerned about the destruction of that which was built on the foundation being destroyed because of the foundation.
Jesus Christ is to be the foundation in our lives. We can be assured that our foundation will never fail. We do not have to worry that our foundation will cause our destruction. Jesus was tempted in all manners such as we are; Jesus Christ faced and overcame death; Jesus Christ is victorious. We will be victorious only when Jesus is our foundation.
Where are your feet?