This Year Past and Present

Sometimes it is hard to put things into words, and the past year is one of those “things” that I don’t know exactly how to categorize. We had an amazing year at Logan Martin, whether you begin with the youth retreat last January which went much better than planned, or you look at our Area Wide devotional which we hosted in April with over 200 guest here at our building, or maybe you can look at the wonderful friends day which we hosted in May, or possibly the block party where we passed out nearly one thousand flyers and pamphlets of information about the church here at Logan Martin. Maybe it would be better to look at our VBS this year which was very well attended, and went off without a hitch.  What about an incredible week at camp both at Indian Creek and Backwoods that our young people grew spiritually. We could say our Homecoming  and Gospel Meeting was an incredible thing as Brother David Jones delivered wonderful lessons and it would be hard to imagine someone attending who did not grow spiritually. The Southern Evangelism Conference (SEC) which our young people attended was high on the list of things this year which attended by our young people as we looked at the idea of “The Legacy we leave behind”. Could we say that one of the ten area wide devotionals attended by our young people this year was one of the best things which happened? Could we look at Exposure Youth Camp which was this past week and what an amazing week it was, would this be the thing that highlighted the year 2010?

We have been busy, and we have many reasons to remain busy in 2011. The groundwork is set to start a great year with “Every Member Present Day” which is only one week away, why should you be here on this day? Because most likely you are a member here at Logan Martin and what a great way to begin our year than by having every single member here to begin the year.  Most importantly lets remember to consider prayerfully our plans in this new year. James is clear that we do not know what tomorrow holds, and that we should be sure to include God in all of our plans (Jas 4:13). We have shown time and time again we can work together, and we are only successful as we work as a team.

Thank you to each of our young people for your attitude, and your actions in 2010, you are the most incredible youth group I have ever seen and I love you all so, thank you to each parent who allows me to spend time with your children, you will never know the encouragement I get from watching them grow spiritually. Thank you to all our parents and others who volunteer time to chaperone, and make flyers, and get kids ready for activities, you will never know how much I appreciate all you do. Thank you to our Elders for your work and encouragement of this youth program. Thank you to each member here for the way you encourage me in so many ways.

Ande Z