Summer Is On Its Way


            About two months ago a few days of warm weather graced us with its appearance. At that time I suggested that spring would come early. I have since resigned as the head meteorological authority in our home. I do know that warm (even hot) weather will arrive, because God promised it would, though I may not know exactly when (Genesis 8:22).

            Recently, the announcement was made on the radio that Pell City schools have less than a month left in the school year. In less than a month our school children will be out for their summer vacations. What will you do this summer?

            There are families who enjoy annual activities, events and occasion every summer. Perhaps, for generations, some families have celebrated the summer break in the same continuous manner. Others have spoken recently of their summer plans: some are planning trips, vacations or get-aways; some are planning to relax at home; some are planning to catch up on that “to do” list around the house; some are even planning weddings; some are planning the week or weeks in which they will attend camp; some are planning the sport in which they will participate and others are planning for that summer job to be able to afford some desired treasures. What plans do you have?

            What plans are you making concerning God, the church and the Bible? Let these not be the plans that “if we have time” we will try to work in, but let these be the first plans that we make. Let these be the plans around which everything else is planned.

            I challenge every member of the Logan Martin church of Christ to make three personal plans:

  1. Let God speak to you.

Plan a specific time wherein God is given time to speak to you, personally, every day. Have you ever considered that you control the time when God speaks to you? Every day have a time set aside to open God’s word and allow Him to speak to you (Psalm 119:11).

  1. Speak to God.

Plan a specific time wherein you, personally, speak to God. Prayer is one of the greatest privileges enjoyed by the child of God. God desires to hear from His children and God desires to help His children because God cares for you (I Peter 5:7).

  1. Let others see Christ in      you.

Every day through your service to God, let the world see Christ manifested in your life. We are commanded to do good unto all men, especially those of the household of faith (Galatians 6:10). 

When we allow God to speak to us daily and we speak to God daily then allowing the world to see Christ in us daily will be no problem. If we make and follow these plans this will be the greatest summer ever.




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