Spring Break

            It was always my favorite time of the school year.  A time when we did not have to attend school, we did not have tests or homework.  The days were getting longer; the weather was turning warmer; the opportunity to be outside and enjoy the springtime had arrived.

            During the last few weeks, Spring break has occurred throughout much of our country.  For many of the seniors it is a time to head to the beach; for many families it is a time to visit family or travel to an amusement park; others take the week to stay at home and just relax.

In a relatively short time, the school year will end and the summer break will begin.  Again, families will take much deserved vacations and travel across our country; some students will acquire summer jobs to raise funds for the coming school year.

Whatever our situation may be let us remember that we are children of God whether on vacation, at school or on the job.  From time to time everyone needs a break.  Everyone needs to take time to relax and be refreshed physically and emotionally.  Jesus Christ took time to rest and taught His apostles to do likewise (Mark 6:30-32).  Jesus took time to rest physically and mentally.

Jesus did not take time away from being the Son of God; Jesus did not take time away from setting the proper example.  Jesus showed through His example that our lives are not an either-or situation, but that we can serve God faithfully in our rest and recreation.

I continue to be encouraged by those of you who, in your travels, find good and faithful congregations wherein to worship.  It is so uplifting to be reminded that we are not alone and we do not have to suffer from the “Elijah syndrome”.   Paul was exhorted by the faithfulness of others, leaving us an example of where to find encouragement.  First, I thank my God through Jesus Christ for you all, that your faith is spoken of throughout the whole world (Romans 1:8).

There are those who take vacation from work or school and also take vacation from God.  This is a very sad fact.  There are also those who find themselves at home or abroad and continue faithfully in their service to God.  Let us strive not to be a detriment to our brethren but an asset; not to be a stumbling block but an uplifting hand; not a pitfall but a solid foundation upon which others may depend.

God commands His children to rest the physical body and mind but He also reminds us that our retirement is in Heaven.  We are soldiers in a war and that war takes place every day.  Let us remain in the battle; let us serve without fainting; let us work for the night is coming when man’s work is done.



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