Mountain peaks and valleys

“Thy word is a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path” (Psalm 119:105)

This past week on Wednesday several from this congregation spent time together at Mount Cheaha state park. We could not have asked for a more pleasant day to spend in the outdoors. The temperature was perfect, and the skies were blue. We hiked the trail that leads to Bald Rock and at the end the view was spectacular. Some of our little ones enjoyed some time climbing up and down the amazing rock formations seen near Bald Rock. After lunch we took a journey to the falls area near Lake Chinnabee. The falls were beautiful! We spent time around the water talking, and enjoying the beauty of nature. The falls were void of any mountain top “spectacular” views of the surrounding area, our attention was focused on the beauty of God’s creation immediately around us.

Life, in many ways resembles Cheaha state park. Many of the events we read about in the word of God that we consider “spectacular” happen on mountain type views. God gave to Moses the Ten Commandments on Mount Sinai (Exodus 19:20). Jesus was transfigured on the Mount along with Moses and Elijah, where God the Father made the declaration that we were to hear Jesus (Matt 17:5). Without the Ten Commandments the children of Israel would not have had the basic commandments given by God, and the voice of God the Father on the Mount of Transfiguration assures of the one we are to listen to in this day and time. Both of these events are wonderful high points in scripture that occur on the mountains. I am reminded though, that while both of these “mountain adventures” were occurring, for many life was still continuing in the valleys below.. While mountain peaks times occur throughout the word of God, most of what we read occurs in the valley.

2015 is filled for many of us with “mountain peaks and valleys”. The times we assemble to worship, the times we are able to come together to study from the word of God. Various church events such as singings, gospel meetings and many other events in our personal lives are “spiritual mountains”, where we can see clearly all around us. Life though, unfortunately is spent mostly in the “valleys”. For most of us we continue day in and day out in our routine, and life continues to move forward. We need “spiritual mountains” to help push us and encourage us through the valleys of life.  Peter references the mount of transfiguration in his writings in 2 Peter, and says that although he was present and heard Him on the mount, that we have a “more sure word of prophecy” (2 Peter 1:19). While Peter was with Jesus while He was transfigured, and while Peter heard the voice of God the Father speaking from the heavens, he reminds us that the bible that we possess is a more sure word then his own hearing of the voice of God the Father.

It is a comfort to me to know that God provides “spiritual mountains” for each of us to encourage us during times in the valleys, but as encouraging is to know that God provides His word to guide us during those times we find ourselves in the valley.  Spend time each day working to be a daily bible reader, to be encouraged both on the mountain peaks, and the valleys.

Ande Z

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