Monday’s Moments

Lord, how long shall the wicked, how long shall the wicked triumph (Psalm 94:3)?
Do you at times, ask the same question as the psalmist asked? Do you at times, wonder why the wicked prosper? Do you at times, wonder why God allows the ungodly to have such a pleasant life?
When we look through the eyes of the world, indeed those of the world have great lives. Many of the wicked are so wealthy that we cannot even imagine their lives; many of the ungodly seem to live such happy lives; many of those who reject God seemingly receive blessings from God. But, when we look through the eyes of God: this world is temporary and all the things of this world are temporary; the pleasures of sin are for a season; the wealth and the well being of this world end at the grave.
The blessings which are enjoyed only in Christ Jesus are eternal. The treasures laid up in Heaven, will never be destroyed and can never be stolen. The great Physician guarantees that in Heaven there is no sickness, sorrow or pain. The Savior of the world makes it possible for our sins to be removed and for us to receive life instead of death. The Redeemer of the world has bought us back out of bondage, therefore we no longer have to serve the taskmaster Satan.
Let us be wise enough not to be lured by the trinkets offered by Satan but let us seek the treasures offered by the Savior. The triumphs enjoyed by the world are short lived and lead to eternal disasters. Let us enjoy the eternal rewards offered by God.