Monday’s Moment

Their sorrows shall be multiplied that hasten after another god: their drink offerings of blood will I not offer, nor take up their names into my lips (Psalm 16:4).
The Psalmist presented a contrast between those who serve God and those who serve other gods. He spoke of the great blessings enjoyed by those who faithfully following the word of God, then he numbered the devastation to come upon those who turn to false gods. It is stated of those who follow in the pathway of idolaters that their “sorrows shall be multiplied.” This is so because they refuse to walk with the One from whom all perfect blessings come; they turn a blind eye toward the One who gives true joy; they bend a deaf ear toward the One whose precepts guide us to eternal life. They choose to follow the one who leads down the path of destruction; they heed the call of the one who can only offer false hope and they journey with the one whose travel ends in eternal death.
Man has not changed: in the days of Noah, their thoughts were only evil continually; in the Mosaic Age, they chose to be led by a man rather than God and in the Christian Age, man chooses be god rather than honor the one, true God. As Solomon sought the answer and source of true happiness, but he failed to seek in the true provider: God. Solomon searched, so men search today. To seek true joy and happiness somewhere other than from God, is to seek something that does not exist. Let us understand the futility in seeking lasting joy from a world which will not last; let us realize the never ending blessings from the God who is eternal.
Today, let us examine our lives to make sure that we do not “hasten after another god,” but let us be found guilty of hastening after the God who loves us so…