Monday’s Moment

So Job died, being old and full of days (Job 42:17).
Job lived 140 years after these terrible tragedies came into his life and God blessed him. There are many lessons to be gleaned from the life of Job; there are many lesson we should apply in our lives.
Satan wanted to defeat Job, because Satan desired to cause God sorrow; Satan wants to defeat every follower of God; because Satan still desires to bring God sorrow. Satan is powerful but he is not omnipotent as God is omnipotent.
Therefore, Satan has never and will never overpower and defeat God. Satan hurts God, when he tempts and causes the children of God to sin; Satan hurts God, when sin separates man from God eternally.
The friends of Job, falsely accused God; the world today, falsely accuses God. Isaiah wrote of those who: call evil good and good evil. Satan has used this ploy since the time of the Garden of Eden. In his discussion with Eve, Satan brought false accusations against God. Sadly, Eve listened to the false accusations and mankind has listened eversince.
God watched over Job even and especially during the times of hardships. No doubt, Job suffered; but think of the suffering of the Father as He watched His child enduring the trials. The trials produced by Satan, produced His defeat. Job faithfully served God, in good times and in hard times. Job was not shackled to God by His blessings, but Job was strengthened through God’s love, grace and mercy. The temporary and physical blessings can easily and quickly be lost, but the spiritual and eternal blessings remain forever.
God never forsook or abandoned Job and God has promised to never leave or forsake His children. We will and do face hard trials, but we do not face them alone; we will and do suffer heart aches, but we do not suffer alone. This account of the life of Job is far more than a nice story of a man facing tragedy;  this account is a picture and a promise of the relationship between God and His faithful children. Let us thank God for His blessed assurance.