Monday’s Moment

Wherefore I praised the dead which are already dead more than the living which are yet alive (Ecclesiastes 4:2).

Solomon made this declaration, because of the way he looked at life. He approached life with the attitude of: what can I get out of life? He sought to make personal gain from those about him; he sought both immediate and never ending pleasure in the things of this world; he sought eternal satisfaction in that which is sensual.

Solomon sought godly joy in that which is temporal and ungodly. Thus, Solomon looked upon this life and saw only sorrow, suffering and disappointment. He held such a negative attitude because he sought to be satisfied in the things which God declared as temporary.

This world and the things of this world were never designed or created to be eternal and that includes man. But, of all the things created by God, God desires man to live with Him eternally. God designed a way through which man can live in Heaven eternally and that is through Jesus Christ our Lord.

Yes, God created the world and gave man dominion. God intends for man to enjoy and appreciate the world, but God never intended the world as man’s eternal home. As beautiful and wonderful as the world is, God has made our eternal home more wonderful and more beautiful. God has always condemned man when he worshiped the creation, rather than the Creator. 

Let us enjoy the creation; let us enjoy the wonderful blessings in this world, but let us worship and serve the One who made it all possible.Solomon thought that life was a waste, God presents it as a blessing. Let us enjoy the blessing of life; let us serve and praise the Giver of life.