Monday’s Moment

Then shalt thou understand the fear of the Lord and find the knowledge of God (Proverbs 2:5).

If / then is presented in the first five verses of Proverbs 2. Most are familiar with the if/then propositions: if “a” happens, then “b” will happen. God said if: we receive His words and treat them as treasures; take them into our hearts and minds; diligently seek His words and desire to understand them, we shall receive great blessings. “Then” after the aforementioned things, we shall have a true understanding of the word of God, we will hold God in true reverence and we will have true knowledge of God.

God has made it possible for us to truly know Him, but there are actions necessary to be taken on our part. God will not force a reverential knowledge and and fear of Him on His children, but God does make it possible for us to obtain such. Through such knowledge and fear, our faith is strengthened and our reverence is deepened. To truly know God is to truly revere Him.

The great prophet Isaiah and John, the penman of Revelation, both give us some of idea of what it is to be in the presence of God. Isaiah declared that he was “undone” and John could not even stand in the presence of an angle of God.Indeed we should be in awe of the one, true, living God: all-powerful, all-knowing and ever-present. 

When we consider God in all His glory and then we consider man in all his frailties, we have a better understanding of the question: What is man?

Let us resolve to seek God diligently so that we truly understand Him.