Monday’s Moment

Throughout this Psalm, the psalmist speaks of the Lord’s goodness and man’s ingratitude. He describes the blessings given from God to man and also, he describes man’s dismissal of God’s love. The psalmist writes of how man foolishly turns from God; finds himself in oppression; cries out for God’s deliverance and God mercifully delivers man from his oppression. This is a cycle which is constant in man’s history and this is a cycle which is greatly seen in the Bible, throughout the history of Israel.

The book of Judges, also known as the book of failure, tells of Israel and seven cycles of: blessing, sin, oppression and deliverance. God who wonderfully blessed Israel and Israel so horrifically turned their backs on God. 

The Old Testament, including Psalms, was not preserved by God just to show us the sins of others. Yes, the Old Testament shows the sins of men, but more importantly it shows us the reaction and response of God to sin and those in sin. Sin separates man from God and God desires to be united with man eternally. God made it possible for man to be forgiven of sins, which makes it possible for man to be reunited with God.

To read Psalm 107 is the equivalent of reading a report of modern man. Man has not changed since the writing of the Psalms and sin has not changed. But, the opportunity of having sins forgiven has changed. The only opportunity of forgiveness of sins is in Christ Jesus.

By the cleansing of the blood of Jesus, our sins can be washed away.Indeed, those who are wise will understand the lovingkindness of the Lord.