Monday’s Moment

We are become a reproach to our neighbours, a scorn and derision to them that are round about us (Psalm 79:4).
When Israel was faithful to God and God was with Israel, there was never a battle lost. Israel was victorious because the battle belonged to the Lord. God was King over Israel and God fought their battles. But, when Israel turned away from God and worshiped false gods, their battles were lost and their cities were defeated.
During the time of defeat, this psalm was written, the question was asked and the declaration was made. Indeed, Israel was the laughing stock of the world, because they failed to serve the one God who could serve them. Their trust, time and effort was given to gods which could not hear, see or take action. The world mistakenly looked upon Israel as a people who served God and would be protected by God; Israel foolishly believed because they held the name of God, that God would serve and protect them without question. Both the world and Israel were wrong in their assumptions. The world believed that God had failed and been defeated in the protection of Israel therefore Israel and God became target of derision.
When the child of God fails to diligently serve God, we bring reproach upon God. The world looks upon God as being a failure because His children rebel and reject His world. While failing to accept responsibility, the rebellious child of God often joins with those who bring accusations against God.
God has promised to lift up those who submit to Him. Let us bring praise, glory and honor to God through faithful, loving service.