Monday’s Moment

Then I said, I shall die in my nest and I shall multiply my days as the sand (Job 29:18).
Job’s thought wandered back in time, before all the great tragedy had come into his life. Job remembered a time of peace, comfort and security; he remembered when all was well¬† with himself and his family; he remembered a life of prestige among friends and acquaintances and he remembered a time wherein the future held visions of serenity.
As you contemplate your future, what does it hold? Some dream of graduation, others of marriage, some think of work while others consider retirement. On this Monday, as we begin a new work week, where are your thoughts of the future? Whatever aspect of life you may be considering, very few will consider trials and tribulations. All the promises of God are true and one of these promises is the fact that all who live godly will suffer persecution (II Timothy 3:12). How then should we face the future and how shall we face persecutions?
As we begin this new work week; as we begin this first day of the rest of our lives let us remember the God we serve. Our God is the One who knows all things from beginning to end; our God is the One who is all-powerful; our God is the One who loves us so much He sent His Son to die in our place; our God walks with us every step of this life and our God has made it possible for us to live with Him forever.  No matter the trials and persecutions with which we are faced or may face, our God is in control. We will go through storms in life but with God we will not go through the storms by ourselves.
This morning take a moment to thank God for His presence and His strength in our lives.