Monday’s Moment

So that a man shall say, Verily there is a reward for the righteous: verily he is a God that judgeth in the earth (Psalm 58:11).
Do you know God? Do you know the goodness, mercy and grace of God? Have you seen God? The Bible tells us that no man has seen God, but we do “see” God through the many blessings with which He blesses us. The children of God see their Father through His being their defender and shield against Satan; the children of God see their Father, through His creation. Jesus described some as having eyes, but not seeing and having ears, but not hearing. Why, what was their problem? The reasons these individuals did not see and hear the things of God was because they did not seek God; seeing and hearing they chose not to accept God. Paul wrote to the Romans of those who saw the proof of God and assigned it to something else and they also failed to retain the knowledge of God.
Let us not be guilty of seeking strength and deliverance from God and refusing to accept the manner through which He chooses to send it. No, God is not going to work miraculously in our lives, but everyday through His providence He guards, guides and protects. I know that this phrase has become “cliche” and I know that many supposed christians make fun of those who state it, but it is still true. God does guard His children, God does guide His children and God does protect His children. Again, no, not miraculously but through His providential care. We gain assurance through what God has done in the past; we gain assurance through what God is presently doing and therefore, we gain assurance for the future knowing what God has done and is doing.
One great day, we will see God face to face, but until that day let us see God as He shows Himself each day in our lives.